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Boron CLS Bond

Boron CLS Bond™ is PROVEN to SAVE GAS and Protect your Engine.

We have the indisputable evidence from AAA, a State Senator and PDM Research Center (and more)  that Motor Silk™ with Boron CLS Bond™ reduces engine wear!

Motor Silk™ reduces friction by 80% and engine wear by 90% in ALL internal combustion engines!

The Unique Molecular Structure of Boron CLS Bond is Unrivaled!

The benefits of CLS Bond® products have been documented in test after test. For example, engine friction is reduced by up to 80%, and engine wear by up to 90%.* And in private testing by industrial users, for both engine oils and industrial grease, the results have been even more impressive. Plus, boron is environmentally friendly in all forms. The bottom line is that lubricants with Boron CLS Bond® can be used anywhere there's a need for guaranteed performance.

How does the Boron CLS Bond in Motor Silk™ work?


  • Boric acid is introduced to a metallic substrate in the presence of water vapor. Interaction between the substrate, the water (H2O), and Boric Acid (H3BO3) forms a continuously self-replenishing film of boric oxide (B2O3) that bonds to the substrate, forming a corrosion-resistant barrier.
  • The boric oxide spontaneously reacts with the air, replenishing the boric acid. The boric acid molecules form into crystal platelets, each of which is a triclinic lattice of molecules strongly bound together by macromolecular covalent bonds.
  • Aligned by the mechanical motion of the substrate, the platelets form stacked layers with very small (0.318 nm) spaces between. As a result, the inter-platelet layers are bound by weak "van der Waals" forces, allowing a very low coefficient of friction.


Motor Silk™ is a patented product that outperforms all oils and additives, giving you free horsepower.

Less Friction = More Power AND Better Gas Mileage. 

Have your cake AND eat it too!


Get MOTOR SILK™ with Patented Boron CLS Bond™

NOW you can get up to 10% better gas mileage OR MORE from the car you own now - with MOTOR SILK™! Many people have reported savings of over 21%.

You will also get a longer lasting engine due to the permanent protection of the Boron CLS Bond on all your engine surfaces.  



Have a Diesel? 

Motor Silkworks even better for diesel engines, especially when used in combination with our Diesel Fuel Treatment. Tests by one of the big three showed an increase of 30% on one of their Class 8 trucks!

The PDM Research Center "...identified significant improvement in fuel economy (up to 21%)"

In-field tests performed under the supervision of the PDM Research Center resulted in 19.3% increased fuel efficiency in the Daimler-Chrysler Class A Vehicles.  The Boron CLS Bond™ technology reduces friction 80% which is the root cause of energy loss and is the reason for such impressive gains.

PDM Research Center

Product Development and Manufacturing Center
Oakland University, MI

After an 8 month testing of MOTORSILK™ Oil Treatment the following benefits were realized by TRC:

1) Identified significant improvement in fuel economy (up to 21%)

2) Reduction in oil consumption through extending oil change intervals.

3) Reduction in wear metals in the engine oil which correlates to an improvement in reliability and reduction in maintenance costs.

4) Improvement in Emissions


My brother-in-law gave me Motor Silk as a gift since he had used it in his car and was so happy with it.  After using it awhile I had to go for a (tough) CT state inspection. The inspector said "I HAVE NEVER SEEN A CAR WITH SUCH LOW EMISSIONS" In the past I had struggled to meet even the minimum standards! My hat's off to Motor Silk.

Keith W.  CT



Boron CLS Bond Development
and Product Description

Motor Silk™ 

Technology Development and Product Description

Note: the terms “product” and “technology” are used interchangeably.

Tracing back along the time-line to the origin of Motor SilkÔ takes us to 1966 when the branch of Science called Tribology was formally established. Tribologists are the scientists who study and research fluid systems to discover new ways to reduce friction and the wear that friction causes.

In 1991 Tribologists working at the prestigious US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Research Laboratory made a quantum breakthrough in friction reduction technology. They developed a method to permanently bond the surfaces of a fluid system with a super hard (85% the hardness of a diamond) solid lubricant. Tribologists call it a “solid boundary lubricant”. The technology development was later trademark named Boron CLS Bond.

The advantages of a solid boundary lubricant will become clear, as you better understand the function and limitations of motor oil, a “liquid boundary lubricant”, in your vehicle’s engine.

Disadvantages of motor oil as a “Liquid Boundary Lubricant”

Your vehicles’ engine and the motor oil circulating in it is a fluid system.

The primary purpose of motor oil is to reduce friction and wear between the moving metal surfaces of the engine, which come in contact with each other. An example would be the up and down motion of the pistons in the engine’s cylinders. If you are unfamiliar with the design and function of the internal combustion engine, Just imagine a ping-pong ball fitting snugly in a cardboard paper towel tube. As the ball moves back and forth in the tube, the surfaces will wear from contact.

Because motor oil is liquid, it is not able to prevent the engine’s moving metal surfaces from touching and wearing. In fact, by the time your engine’s oil requires changing (every 3000 miles in most cases), the dirty oil contains more than one hundred million (100,000,000) tiny metal wear particles measuring ten (10) microns or smaller in size. The one (1) to five (5) micron size particles are the most damaging because they are small enough to fit between the engine’s moving parts and further score and gouge the precision metal surfaces. It is literally like sand blasting the inside of your engine.

New fresh oil is somewhat able to prevent excessive wear at first, but as the oil suffers degradation and breakdown from heat, dirt and chemical contamination it allows more and more surface contact and consequently more wear in the engine. Ironically, the sacrificial anti-wear chemical additives which oil manufacturers add to new oil will become acidic overtime and will then begin to pit the metal surfaces causing further wear and damage.

Providing the greatest possible surface protection from wear and friction is the purpose and goal of Tribology. The technology development we are discussing here represents the leading edge of this science and is the most effective solution yet discovered.


Advantages of a “Solid Boundary Lubricant

Now, let’s compare any engine oil or liquid lubricant, including all synthetic oils, to a solid boundary lubricant.

To better understand the function of a “solid boundary lubricant”, imagine freezing a permanent micro thin layer of super slippery diamond hard ice on to all the metal surfaces of the engine. This is exactly what Motor Silk’s™ “solid boundary lubricant” surface coating is like.

(80%) Reduction of Friction inside the Engine

The same as with the example of the ice, the bonded solid surface coating (Boron CLS Bond™) is super slippery. So, the first advantage we realize is an eighty percent (80%) reduction in the friction between all moving surfaces inside the engine. All of the treated and bonded moving metal surfaces now glide freely with much less friction and heat. It is like gliding on a layer of smooth ice.

What does this mean for your engine?  Less friction means your engine can deliver more horsepower while using less fuel. Fuel savings of between (5) five and ten percent (10%) are standard. Horsepower gains are in the same five (5) to ten percent (10%) range as well. With less friction, we now spend less money on fuel and get more performance in the way of better fuel mileage and increased horsepower.

Reduction of wear inside the Engine

Another major benefit of the “solid boundary lubricant” available in Motor Silk is the lifetime protection of the engine’s metal surfaces from damaging metal-to-metal contact. The solid lubricant coating reduces wear inside the engine by ninety percent (90%). The engine will now last two to three times longer and perform like new for years.

Motor Silk
Restores the Mechanical Efficiency of the Engine

The restored mechanical efficiency of the engine is yet another benefit related to performance (horsepower and fuel mileage) and air pollution.

A simple example of mechanical efficiency is the paper towel tube and ping-pong ball discussed earlier. If the ball fits snugly and you blow into the tube, the air will blow the ball out forcefully. However, if the ball fits loosely and you blow into the tube, the ball will move with much less force because most of the energy is lost through the gaps around the sides of the ball.

This is exactly what happens to your engine’s pistons over time as the surfaces wear. You spend more and more money on fuel and get less and less performance and power from your engine. The toxic exhaust emissions are also much greater from a sloppy fitting worn engine.

Extends the Oil Drain Interva
l up to *6,000 miles

One of the greatest financial and environmental benefits realized from Motor Silk’s™ advanced lubrication technology is the extension of the engine’s oil drain service interval from every 3000 miles to 6,000* miles. This is possible due to the superior and permanent lubrication protection provided by the “solid boundary lubricant” technology in Motor Silk.

This superior wear protection eliminates the millions of tiny metal wear particles which normally occur in an oil (only) lubricated engine.

These metal particles are the primary cause of the oil’s deterioration. This happens because the particles retain heat and react chemically with the oil. This leads to oxidation and breakdown of the oil which allows more wear due to insufficient lubrication protection.

*Note: Vehicles under warranty should wait to extend the oil change cycle until after the warranty period has expired.

Environmental Benefits of Motor Silk™

The significant financial savings from fewer oil service changes is obvious; however, an even greater benefit is realized globally from the elimination of billions of gallons of unnecessary waste oil.

The inappropriate disposal of toxic waste oil is a major environmental challenge today. It is estimated that 2 million gallons of carcinogenic motor oil are dumped in American waterways each year and another 8 million tons of oil are spilled into the world’s oceans every year.

The positive effect of Motor Silk on two of our planet’s most challenging environmental problems of air and water pollution is immense.

Every consumer who buys and uses this product becomes a self-empowered pro-active partner for environmental clean-up and restoration.

By helping yourself you help to Change the World! 





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