Jetski Fuel Economy

The one item you can change to get better fuel economy is to slow down - 
but you don't want to do that, do you? Going FAST is fun!

The other thing you can do is to reduce the friction inside of your engine.

Motor Silkô is the answer to improved Jetski Fuel Economy and better
mileage in ANY engine, be it gas, diesel, 2 cycle or 4cycle or even a rotary!

Motor Silkô is 25 times slipperier than even the best synthetic oils and
protects your engine better than ANY additive or oil by forming a near
diamond-hard surface on ALL of your metal parts.

There isn't  PTFE or Teflon here but proven science from the
Department of Energy and Argonne National Research Laboratories

Motor Silkô has Boron CLS Bondô. This Patented Technology is only
available in Motor Silkô.

Motor Silkô reduces friction by up to 80% and wear by up to 90%.

In fact, an extended warranty company that requires the use of Motor Silkô
says that their engine related claims have dropped by 80% !

Read more about Motor Silkô and Boron CLS Bondô HERE.


Motor Silkô is a patented product that outperforms all oils and additives,
giving you free horsepower.

Less Friction = More Power AND Better Gas Mileage. 

Now you can fly even faster on your JetSki!


Motor Silk!ô  with Boron CLS Bondô

Boron CLS Bondô is PROVEN to save protect your engine.

We have the indisputable evidence from AAA, a State Senator and PDM Research Center (and more)  that Motor Silkô with Boron CLS Bondô reduces engine wear!

Motor Silkô reduces friction by 80% and engine wear by 90% in ALL internal combustion engines!

The Unique Molecular Structure of Boron CLS Bond 

The benefits of CLS Bondģ products have been documented in test after test. For example, engine friction is reduced by up to 80%, and engine wear by up to 90%.* And in private testing by industrial users, for both engine oils and industrial grease, the results have been even more impressive. Plus, boron is environmentally friendly in all forms. The bottom line is that lubricants with Boron CLS Bondģ can be used anywhere there's a need for guaranteed performance.


How does the Boron CLS Bond in Motor Silkô work?





The Motor Silkô Family of Fine Products with Boron CLS Bondô




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Better Jet Ski Fuel Economy

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