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Search And Monitor Expired Domain Names Today

Search And Monitor Expired Domain Names Today.  It's Easy Fast And Convenient.


We feel that is the BEST domain name registrar to use.

Their prices are probably the best in the industry and without question their customer support is incredible. Rarely do you have customer support that is so quick and efficient.

My only beef with them has been when buying one of the programs they offer as you're checking out (so many!). If you get something you don't like, you're basically stuck with it. I bought a program and wanted to "return" it about 12 hours later and was told too bad. However I called back the next day and got a different person and was told "no problem" and got my refund. 

So don't give up on the first try. Also, speaking to that person's superior often gets results. A little intimidation like asking, "Don't you have the authority to make a refund; or is that over your head? I thought you were higher up than that." Works wonders! People like to show their power or position. This works for virtually all companies.

Their monitoring and backordering service is almost useless. I have only gotten one domain backordered through them - ever. Even one that was hosted and registered by them went to someone else.

We charge just $7.77 to monitor an UNLIMITED number of domain names while GoDaddy charges $18.95 for EACH name.

I like SnapNames myself for backordering domain names. They seem to have an edge. The minimum cost for a domain name that they secure is $60 if no one else makes a bid for it. If more people want it, it goes to auction. But they are able to grab a LOT of names!

I search and monitor on this site - In fact I found a great domain name for promoting Dish Network on the first day I used it and then I bought it for $8.95 on GoDaddy. It is It couldn't get much better than that!

In fact I liked so much, I bought the company! Just like the Remington commercial.



Service Plans for Monitoring Expiring Domain Names


1. Free expired domain names search

2. Real-time domain statistics

Price: Free


1. Monitor 10 domain names, be the first to know when they drop

2. Bulk Link Popularity Tool

3. Domain Digger Tool

Price: $3.99/month


1. Expired Domain Name Search

2. Real-time Domain Statistics 

3. Monitor unlimited domain names, be the first to know when they drop

4. Yahoo/DMOZ Directories Watcher

5. Bulk Link Popularity

6. Domain Digger

7. Name Suggestion Tool

8. Online customer support

Price: Only $7.77 month


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