Motor Silk!ô

Motor Silkô is PROVEN to save gas.

We have the indisputable evidence from AAA, a State Senator and PDM Research Center (and more)  that Motor Silkô saves gas and reduces engine wear!

Motor Silkô reduces friction by 80% and engine wear by 90% in ALL internal combustion engines!

Motor Silkô is a patented product that outperforms all oils and additives, giving you free horsepower.

Less Friction = More Power AND Better Gas Mileage. 

Do YOU want to pay this OUTRAGEOUS GAS PRICE?



NOW you can get up to 10% better gas mileage OR MORE from the car you own now - with MOTOR SILKô!

Class 8 trucks have been proven to get up to 30% better diesel mileage using  Motor Silkô engine treatment with the Motor SilkôDiesel Fuel Treatment!

You will also get a longer lasting engine due to the protection of the Boron CLS Bond on all your engine surfaces.  




Senator Michael Bishop volunteers own vehicle to test and demonstrate automotive advancements on behalf of tax payers.

...Dr. Dessert spent several weeks baselining the Senatorís Lincoln LS for fuel consumption, oil quality, and emissions. 

When the baseline was established, Dr. Dessert treated Senator Bishopís vehicle with Motor Silk Oil Treatment created by Advanced Lubrication Technologies, Palm City, Florida. 

In a matter of 6 days the Senator saw his fuel economy improve by about 8%.  

Directly, this would save Senator Bishop about $500 dollars a year in fuel costs and maintenance costs.  However, the application of this technology on the state fleet could save millions of dollars.  See complete letter 


Have a Diesel? 

Motor Silkô works even better for diesel engines, especially when used in combination with our Diesel Fuel Treatment. Tests by one of the big three showed an increase of 30% on one of their trucks!

The PDM Research Center "...identified significant improvement in fuel economy (up to 21%)"

In-field tests performed under the supervision of the PDM Research Center resulted in 19.3% increased fuel efficiency in the Daimler-Chrysler Class A Vehicles.  The Boron CLS Bondô technology reduces friction 80% which is the root cause of energy loss and is the reason for such impressive gains.


PDM Research Center

Product Development and Manufacturing Center
Oakland University, MI

After an 8 month testing of MOTORSILKô Oil Treatment the following benefits were realized by TRC:

1) Identified significant improvement in fuel economy (up to 21%)

2) Reduction in oil consumption through extending oil change intervals.

3) Reduction in wear metals in the engine oil which correlates to an improvement in reliability and reduction in maintenance costs.

4) Improvement in Emissions


Impressive Test Results from AAA!


The graphs in this WORD document show an increase
in fuel mileage, a reduction in emissions and up to
100% reduction in engine wear in some metals!


and save to your desktop.



Lawn Mowers and other Recreational Equipment, Hobbies and Toys

Motor Silkô works equally well on outdoor equipment, lawnmowers, trimmers, edgers. model planes, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, jets skis, snowmobiles and ANYTHING with a 2 or 4 cycle engine or a rotary!


I used Motor Silk in our old Subaru with almost 200,000 miles on it. We tested the gas mileage over 45,000 miles ago and in mainly highway driving it would get 23-24 MPG at best. Now it gets better than that (25 MPG) in harder rural/city driving without a tune-up in 50,000 miles!! That's a VAST improvement for just $34.95 - and a one time treatment! 

Ruth A.  FL


Motor Silkô 2-cycle oil mixes at 1000:1
, saving oil, causing much less smoke, lessening harmful deposits inside the engine (from oil burning) while protecting BETTER than any other oil! One 10 oz bottle will treat EIGHTY GALLONS OF GAS!

 We have even run 2 cycle engines on PLAIN GAS (no oil added) after using Motor Silk 2 cycle oil treatment for 50 hours - with NO DAMAGE to the engine! (They DO NOT recommend you do that however.)



Use Motor Silkô  in your car, motorcycle, boat, model plane, ski-doo, jet ski, ATV snow blower or truck.



The Motor Silkô Family of Fine Products with Boron CLS Bondô



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