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Evergreen America's 3 Month 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee applies solely to the product purchase price of the Automotive High Performance Maximum Benefit packages (EAC-1,2,3,4). Maximum Benefit packages include the complete MotorSilk™ Boron CLS Bond™ treatments for the Engine, Transmission, and Fuel System. 

Installed properly, the MotorSilk™ Boron CLS Bond™ technology always imparts a permanent solid-boundary lubricant on the metallic surfaces of any power-train component (engine, transmission and fuel system). Independently tested and proven benefits of the Boron CLS Bond™ solid-boundary lubricant include: an 80% reduction in engine friction, continuously lubricated mechanical transmission components and complete fuel system cleaning for peak performance and extended component life. 

The sensitivity of today’s High Tech automotive control systems, which include a computer shifted transmission, computer regulated fuel feed system and knock-sensor regulated spark timing adjustment system, requires the treatment of the engine, transmission and fuel system for maximum performance results. Consequently, Evergreen America's product satisfaction refund guarantee applies only to Maximum Benefit product packages.

Several factors including the age and condition of the engine, the oil change interval and the weekly miles driven will vary the time-line for when individual drivers can expect to begin experiencing the products’ benefits. Therefore, Fuel Smart Technologies’ refund offer extends a full three months from the date of purchase. This allows sufficient time for the installation and bonding of the Boron CLS Bond™ Technology so that the user may properly evaluate the product’s performance.

NOTE: See Evergreen America's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information on the MotorSilk™ Boron CLS Bond™ technology and products including: easy to follow (shake and pour) user instructions, power-train benefits of superior Boron based lubrication and expected fuel mileage increases, new and used car extended warranty qualification, environmental impact issues and other important information about this exciting new lubrication technology. 

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