Motor Silk!ô

Motor Silkô is PROVEN to save gas and reduce wear on your engine - no matter what kind you have. We have the proof from many independent labs and companies around the world, including:

Allied Signal
Bartell Yachts
Bimba Corporation
Boeing Aerospace & Aircraft
Robert Bosch
Chem Tool
Enron Wind
General Petroleum
Haliburton Corporation
Henkel Chemical
Hitachi Refrigeration
Florida Light and Power
Government of Puerto Rico

IBP Automotive
Kaiman Aerospace
Marine Industries
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Mitsubishi Metals
Mabuchi Motors
Neste/Fortum Oil
Nihon Chemical Kogyo
Nihon Victor Oil

Parking America
Raceway Marine, AB Sweden
Ryder Trucks
Shandong Provence/China
Southern Marine
Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Sumitomo Lubricants
Toei Sagyo
Volvo N. America
Von Weise Gear Co.
Wellstream North Sea
Yasuda Fire and Casualty


Motor Silkô reduces friction and engine wear in ALL internal combustion engines!
That includes 2-cycle, 4-cycle, RC planes & boats, marine, rotary and diesel engines

Motor Silkô is a patented engine surface treatment that outperforms all oils and additives, giving you free horsepower. However, Motor Silkô is NOT an additive.

Less Friction = More Power AND Better Gas Mileage. 

Motor Silkô is what we ALL need today!

I know you don't to pay these OUTRAGEOUS GAS PRICES

Put a stop to it by lowering your fuel costs with Motor Silkô

Prices may be down slightly, for the moment but VACATION Demand and higher prices are here now!

     Gas is $6.00 a gallon in many places in EUROPE! Where do you think
we are  headed with the higher demand in Asia and China?



NOW you can get 10% + better gas mileage from the car, truck or boat you own  - with MOTOR SILKô!

You will also get a longer lasting engine due to the protection of the Boron CLS Bond on all your engine surfaces. Extended Warranty Companies have found that they have 80% LESS CLAIMS on engines when requiring customers to install Motor Silkô in their engines!


Senator Michael Bishop volunteers own vehicle to test and demonstrate automotive advancements on behalf of tax payers.

Dr. Dessert treated Senator Bishopís vehicle with Motor Silk Oil Treatment created by Advanced Lubrication Technologies, Palm City, Florida. 

In a matter of 6 days the Senator saw his fuel economy improve by about 8%.  

Directly, this would personally save Senator Bishop about $500 dollars a year in fuel costs and maintenance costs.  However, the application of this technology on the state fleet could save millions of dollars.  See complete letter 


Have a Diesel? 

Motor Silkô works even better for diesel engines, especially when used in combination with our Motor Silkô Diesel Fuel Treatment. Tests by one of the big three auto makers showed an increase of 30% on one of their trucks!

The PDM Research Center showed very significant increases as well - up to 21%!

PDM Research Center

Product Development and Manufacturing Center
Oakland University, MI

After an 8 month testing of MOTORSILKô Oil Treatment the following benefits were realized by TRC:

1) Identified significant improvement in fuel economy (up to 21%)
2) Reduction in oil consumption through extending oil change intervals.
3) Reduction in wear metals in the engine oil which correlates to an
improvement in reliability and reduction in maintenance costs.
4) Improvement in Emissions

Motorcycles, ATVs, Model Planes, Jet Skis, all Boats, Lawn Mowers and other Recreational Equipment, Hobbies and Toys all need Motor Silkô

Motor Silkô works equally well on outdoor equipment, lawnmowers, trimmers, edgers. model planes, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, jets skis, snowmobiles and ANYTHING with a 2 or 4 cycle engine, a diesel or even a rotary!


I put some Motor Silk into an old smoking lawnmower we have and it has completely stopped smoking when we start it now - after just 2 hours or so of running it one week! It used to kill all the mosquitoes before! It's a lot quieter too now.

Ben J.  - N. Carolina


Motor Silkô 2-cycle oil mixes at 1000:1
, reducing smoke, lessening harmful deposits inside the engine (from oil burning) while protecting BETTER than any other oil! One 10 oz bottle will treat EIGHTY GALLONS OF GAS! We have even run 2 cycle engines on PLAIN GAS after using Motor Silk 2 cycle oil for 50 hours with NO DAMAGE to the engine! (They DO NOT recommend you do that however.)

To ORDER call BOB at 203-444-9250 NOW
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Motor Silkô is the BEST money you can put into your car, motorcycle, boat, model plane, ski-doo, jet ski, snow blower or truck.

CLASS 8 Trucks have gotten up to 30% better Gas Mileage!



  Check out the Motor Silkô Family of Fine Products with Boron CLS Bondô TODAY!



To ORDER call Bob at 203-444-9250 NOW
and we will call you back on our dime to take your order!

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