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The Discovery
The MOTOR SILK ™ product line is based upon the discovery made by Dr. Ali Erdemir at the Argonne National Laboratories, a Department of Energy Laboratory dedicated to reducing energy loss and component wear from friction.

Following extensive long term research for NASA, Dr. Erdemir and his team of scientists discovered that the Hydrated Boron Molecule, milled to less than one micron (100X  smaller than bacteria), forms a permanent and self replenishing bond to any metal alloy thus creating an extremely slippery surface friction coefficient measuring under 0.01%. 

The result is an 80% reduction in surface friction and a 90% reduction in wear!         
             U S Patent # 5,431,830
Dr. Ali Erdemir

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Winner of the prestigious
R&D Award in 1991.

MOTOR SILK ™ The Discovery
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