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Why is MOTOR SILK™ Different?

Boron CLS Bond™ is the breakthrough technology which separates MOTOR SILK™ from all oil additive products on the market.

How It Works
Restructured Boric Oxide forms a covalent bond that shares electrons and becomes part of the metal surface to which it adheres.

This new Boric Oxide surface coating fills in all asperities, the uneven valleys & peaks on  a surface, which lead to friction and wear when two surfaces come together. The Boric Oxide surface forms platelets, called a Crystal Lattice Structure
(CLS pictured above), which easily slide over each other like a new deck of playing cards. 

The platelets are 85% the hardness of a diamond (harder than the metal itself). This process creates a new surface friction coefficient of
under 0.01% or 25 times more slippery than the best synthetic oils on the market. 

No engine oil additive can do what MOTOR SILK ™ can because MOTOR SILK ™ is NOT an oil conditioning additive, rather it is added to the oil as a carrier medium in order to make its way to the metal surfaces forming a permanent bond. Inferior oil additive products attempt to re-condition the oil to make it more slippery.

MOTOR SILK ™ reconditions the metal surfaces and forms a Solid Boundary Lubricant which protects the metal surfaces against micro-pitting, corrosion, and wear. 

This Argonne Laboratory developed and U S patented technology is used extensively in industry including railroads, shipping, transportation,  the military, government, high performance racing and manufacturing companies worldwide.