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This treatment cleans intake valve deposits, fuel injectors and offers lubricity to the fuel pump. All carbon and varnish including corrosion is replaced by a diamond like surface protecting vital fuel system components against contamination while improving fuel economy and increasing power.


Add to fuel tank every 10,000 miles to maintain the highest combustion efficiency. Reduces octane requirements at the pump.

EAC-GT 1-16oz bottle is $1
4.95 treats up to 24 gallon tank



A blend of ultra low sulfur fuel base and the patented Boron-based ingredients. Designed to replace all corrosion, carbon or varnish with a boric oxide surface and offering greatly enhanced lubricity lacking in diesel fuels for highest fuel pump protection. 

The injectors are the heart of the engine and maintaining them at the highest efficiency level is vital. Tests have shown an average of 5% better fuel economy. Also boosts Cetane .

EAC-DT 1-32oz bottle $24.75 treats 250 gallons (1/1000 dilution ratio).

The 2nd bottle treatment is 1/2000 dilution, 3rd bottle is a 1/4000 dilution. Extremely economical. See test results at our website.