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Motor Silk™

EAT-1  10-11 Gallon oil sump   
4-32oz bottles of MOTOR SILK™ $237.50
2-32oz bottles LubriSilk Diesel Fuel Treatment $49.50  Total $287


The following cost-saving calculations are based on the actual field tested results of the Boron CLS Bond™ technology measured and recorded under the supervision of the PDM Research Center funded by the Department of Transportation, EPA, Department of Energy and the three major U.S car manufacturers. We used a conservative figure of 10% rather than the actual 19.3% increase for the improved fuel efficiency savings calculations. 

A 10% savings in fuel @ 10,000
miles per month saves you
$266.00 per month
in fuel cost.

Oil changes are typically cut in half reducing costs and down-time by 50%.

A quadrupling of the oil service interval is not uncommon and is determined by the environment and condition of the oil in service.

EAT-2  5 Gallon oil sump  DIESEL
2-32oz bottles of MOTORSILK™ $125.90
2-32oz bottles LubriSilk Diesel Fuel Treatment $49.50  Total $175.80

EAT-3  GAS (same as EAT-2)
2-Gas treatments in place of Diesel fuel treatments  $155.80

EAT-4  2.5-3 Gallon oil sump DIESEL
1-32oz bottle MOTORSILK™ $62.95
2-32oz bottle MOTORSILK™ Diesel Fuel Treatment $49.50 
Total $112.45

EAT-5 GAS (same as EAT-4)
1 gas treatment in place of diesel treatment $14.95
Total $78.90

HUM-1 Diesel Hummer Package
1-16oz bottle Motor Silk™ $34.95
2-32oz Diesel Fuel Treatment $49.50
1-10 oz ATF treatment $18.95
1-10oz gear differential  $19.95
Total $123.35

HUM-2 GAS Hummer Package
Gas treatment in place of Diesel
Total $103.35


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