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Premium Marine LubriSilk
Dry Film Spray

No other lubricant spray comes close to sealing out moisture and at the same time creating a diamond like surface with a surface friction coefficient under 0.01%. If rust (iron oxide) is present on the metal alloy, Boric Oxide will displace the iron oxide in about 3 weeks. Most aerosol spray lubricants such as WD-40 are water encapsulating trapping water on the metal surface. The result is accelerated oxidation (rust) and corrosion.  Our Marine Dry Film Spray is the ultimate for chains, hinges, autos, boats and firearms plus thousands of other uses.

Price: 16oz aerosol can $17.15


100% Anti-Corrosive

LubriSilk Marine #3 Synthetic Grease

A Timken Load Bearing rating of 90+


Our grease is the highest rated grease for extreme pressure applications with the lowest friction coefficient in the industry. 

The Timken Load Bearing rating is 90+ exceeding the limits of the ASTM test itself.  Most greases fail at a Timken rating of 65.

Standard bearings treated with our grease outperformed a set of $3,000 racing bearings. The extreme anti-corrosive qualities make it ideal for underwater and marine applications.

Price: 1-14oz tube of Marine #3 Synthetic Grease $21.95