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You will never use anything else for your firearms after you try our FBC. Used in the military, special-ops, and sharp shooting for its superior results in heat reduction, increased velocity, minimal maintenance and surface protection. 

Far superior to Teflon, dry graphite, Armalube™, Pro Tec™, gun oil, Milotec-1™ and Tetra™  gun lubricants because of the U S patented Boron CLS Bond™ technology.  Boric Oxide removes all surface contaminates and bonds a near diamond hard solid lubricant surface. The surface friction coefficient is under 0.01%  resulting in an 80% reduction in friction.

FBC is an easy two step process as no barrel heating is required. Begin with a clean barrel. Step one is to spray the barrel surface with our FBC dry film spray (same as our marine spray) then proceed to clean with a brush or swab.

The second step is to apply the FBC (same as the Marine MOTORSILK™) to the barrel and allow to sit for 24 hours.

We have many success stories.

For example, a Doctor in New Jersey has a 6 mm rifle that fouls badly upon firing. It normally took him 14 days to clean the barrel, following the FBC application complete cleaning was achieved in 5 days.

Additionally barrel temperature was reduced significantly. The same 6 mm rifle would become excessively hot after 6-8 rounds of firing. Following the FBC application, 30 rounds were fired without excessive barrel heat.  


EAF-1 1-16oz of FBC Dry Film Spray and 1-16oz of FBC Boron CLS Bond™ concentrate. Total: $56.10