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The Boron CLS Bond™ technology in MOTOR SILK™ 2-cycle engine treatment will bond a near diamond hard solid lubricant directly on to the engine's metal surfaces. This is especially vital for 2 cycle engines due to the excessive carbon build up and eventual

surface degradation resulting from the 2 cycle engine combustion design. 

The Boron CLS Bond™ solid lubricant provides the greatest lubrication and wear protection for 2 cycle engines. The service life of the 2 cycle engine is extended 2 to 3 times longer than with standard oil only lubrication.

What you can expectA smoother more reliable and efficient engine, cleaner spark plugs (less fouling), a cleaner combustion chamber, 90% reduction in wear, the near elimination of exhaust smoke, increased power output (6-8%), and reduced friction heat (40-50%). 

2 cycle engines treated with Motor Silk™achieve the highest efficiency and the lowest maintenance cost.

1-10oz  MOTORSILK™ 2-Cycle Treatment. Price: $16.95

EAR-2C-CS Case of 12 units $193.25