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Applications for Motor Silk™

The MOTOR SILK™ product line includes a formulation for all standard commercial and industrial applications. The incomparable performance features of the Boron CLS Bond™ solid lubricant make it the only solution for extreme condition applications. A customized formulation incorporating the Boron based technology can be developed for any extreme heat and or pressure condition including all underwater and harsh environment applications.

MOTOR SILK™ Boron based lubricants represent the next generation of super lubricants and will dramatically reduce operating expenses including maintenance and energy costs. All of our products are biodegradable and suitable for environmentally sensitive applications.

Greases, marine products, gear oil, bearing oil, turbine oil, spindle oil, extreme high temperature lubricant, mold releases, wire rope treatment, coatings, aerosol lubricants, cutting fluids, cold forge forming, hydraulic fluid, motor oil, agricultural fluids, racing and performance fluids and custom oil, fluids and/or treatments.

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