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How to use MOTORSILK™ Treatments
For Cars, Trucks and Boats 

Motor Silk™ Engine Treatment
One 16oz bottle of MOTORSILK™ will treat engines with up to 5 quarts of oil (1-10 dilution). The oil/filter service change is the best time to add   MOTORSILK™. 

Add fresh motor oil first, run engine to warm,
SHAKE bottle well, add  MOTORSILK™  to the engine oil. Regardless of type, the engine oil (standard or synthetic) will perform more efficiently and at a minimum last twice as long. For more detailed installation instructions see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our website

Transmission Treatment

SHAKE well (ATF or Manual gear treatment). Add bottle to the transmission via the dip stick filler tube. A 10oz bottle will not overfill the automatic transmission reservoir. On high mileage automatic transmissions (75,000 miles or more) first drain out the present fluid and install a new filter and drive for 300 miles to insure proper operation. Then add the ATF Transmission Treatment.

Follow the manufacturer's transmission maintenance schedule. 

Note: Some Manual transmissions use  Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) rather than traditional gear fluid. Use ATF treatment for these transmissions. Please check your vehicles owner's manual for the proper fluid. Brown/black fluid is gear oil. red is ATF fluid.

ATF and Manual Gear Treatments are added at a 1-10 dilution for heavy duty applications. For normal driving conditions a 10oz bottle will treat most cars and pick-ups

Fuel System Treatment

The 16oz Gas treatment is added to a 24 gallon (or smaller) tank. Add every 10,000 miles or more often for extra performance.

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