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Class 8 Truck Engine Instructions
for installing Motor Silk™

Engine Treatment
MOTORSILK™ (MS) is added to the reservoir fluid at a dilution ratio of 1 part MS to 9 parts reservoir fluid. For 40 to 44 quart (10 to11 gallon) oil sump capacity engines, add 1 gallon of MOTORSILK™ in place of 1 gallon of engine oil. MOTORSILK™ is added last, on top of the engine oil, to avoid having the product taken directly into the oil filter. Engines with a by-pass oil filtration system, common on exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems, must disable this system for 2000 miles after adding the MotorSilk™ Engine Treatment. 

Because the Boron technology will aggressively remove ALL deposits from the engine's surface, it is strongly recommended that the product be added only when the engine will have sufficient time to

shed all deposits before going back into service. Deposits will be lifted off the surfaces within only minutes or miles of driving.

Add MotorSilk™ engine treatment to new oil at the next scheduled oil service. Run engine for 1 hour to allow for the cleaning and removal of all deposits. If engine oil pressure begins to drop significantly, this indicates the filters have become blocked from deposits. Change the filters immediately and continue to monitor engine oil pressure.

Following installation, the oil pressure may remain lower as a result of the reduced friction in the engine. This is an expected occurrence and is not cause for concern.
It is recommended that back-up oil filters be carried for replacement as necessary during the initial cleaning period.

Following installation, vehicles equipped with computerized fuel feed systems (1996 and later) must disconnect the battery cable for 5 minutes to recalibrate the system. Otherwise the fuel feed settings will be too rich, feeding more fuel than necessary, for the newly reduced engine friction environment