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The Greatest Lubrication Breakthrough: Motor Silk™ with Boron CLS Bond™

History of Boric Acid as a Lubricant
Since World War II scientist at the Argonne National Laboratories, one of the largest science centers in the world employing over 30,000 scientists, have known the potential of Boric Acid as a superior solid surface boundary lubricant. However, not until the late 80's, with the help of super computers, was Boric Acid successfully developed and bonded to metal alloy by Dr. Ali Erdemir. 

Using a patented process hydrated Boron molecules are milled to under 1 micron (100X smaller than bacteria) and suspended in oil until forming a Boric Oxide coating on any metal surface. This technology has given birth to a new generation of super lubricants and is a major breakthrough in lubrication protection since the Boric Oxide forms platelets which are self-replenishing and very durable at 85% the hardness of a diamond. Now the coated metal surfaces can slide over these platelets that have a surface friction coefficient of under 0.01%. 

This results in an 80% reduction in surface friction. NO synthetic oil on the market including all oil additives can compare to the

superior lubrication of Motor Silk™ to reduce friction in the most extreme environments. 

Developed in 1991 MOTORSILK™ has been used exclusively by select Fortune 100 companies and the U. S. Military. MOTORSILK™ is now available for consumer use through Evergreen America Corporation.

What this means for you
The science of reducing friction goes hand in hand with reducing energy and increasing power. Engine life and the life of any fluid system using this technology will last 2-3 times longer. The cost of owning and operating equipment is dramatically reduced.

"Opportunity knocks once...twice...are you listening"

Quote from an article on our Boric Acid technology - Lubrication Engineering, January 2002.