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Motor Silk™
Automatic Transmission Treatment

The new Boric Oxide surface lubricant also blocks oxygen to prevent corrosive activity. In the long term, the transmission will last longer while operating at its highest efficiency.
We receive many calls from satisfied customers impressed with the overall improvement in transmission performance.


Under normal conditions, ATF (fluid) requires a service drain every 30,000 miles due to moisture and particle accumulation. These contaminants adversely affect the anti-wear additives, sealing capacity and viscosity of the fluid. This results in reduced fuel efficiency and power output from wear.   

MOTORSILK™ ATF treatment with Boron CLS Bond™ technology contains enhanced esters designed to protect the moving parts against the degrading effects of wear and moisture resulting in power and fuel loss. 

The benefits of MOTORILK™ ATF include reduced operating temperatures, smoother shifting, stronger rotating components, elimination of clutch shutter, clears stuck valves and locked governors, and an improved shift   pattern. 

In fact Ron Ananian, the CAR DOCTOR™ heard nationally on radio stated,

  "I got 4 more miles per gallon and my transmission runs smoother & stopped making noise."

MOTORSILK™ ATF treatment can be used in any car or truck automatic transmission.

A 10oz bottle will treat a standard size transmission. and can be added at any time. 10ozs will not overfill a standard transmission. 

For larger transmissions the ratio is 1-10. That is, 10ozs of product for every gallon of ATF fluid for commercial, high performance and heavy duty applications.
See the Evergreen America website FAQ for more information.

EAC-ATF-10 1-10oz bottle is $18.95