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Gear Fluid Treatment


LubriSilk™ Gear Treatment is designed for use in ALL manual transmissions, manual transaxles, and final drives.¹ 

  LubriSilk™ Gear Treatment contains enhanced esters and their
  derivatives in a synthetic base oil including the complete Boron anti-wear
  formula.  It is designed to provide high temperature stability to prevent
  coating of synchros and gears.

Reduces drive train power loss, lower friction on bearing and gears, prevents wielding and scoring on gears with high-wiping stresses, reduces tooth drag, absorbs shock loads, minimizes oxidation and varnish deposits, improves shifting, improves heat transfers and inhibits corrosion.

More Power:
Reduce backlash tooth drag in differentials, allowing more horsepower to the wheels. Provides better viscosity properties for less power lost by churning of the gear lubricant.

Lower Operating Temperatures:
Reduces rolling and sliding friction in gears. Reduces friction between the bearing rolling elements and their separators. Improves heat transfer.

Longer Equipment Life:
By forming a diamond like surface impervious to contaminants on all gear and bearing surfaces, you achieve the highest efficiency and longevity possible.

EAT-MTT-10 1-10oz bottle is $1
1 to 10 ratio (3 oz per quart)

¹ Do not use in limited-slip differentials or any final drive requiring an oil modifier.