PTFE Car Protection?

Does PTFE offer any Engine Protection?

Currently the most popular and best selling oil additives on the market are 
those that contain Polytetrafloeraethylene (PTFE) powders suspended in a
regular, over the counter type, 50-rated petroleum or synthetic engine oil.

Some of the identified products containing PTFE include: Slick 50, Liquid
Ring, Lubrilon, Microlon, Matrix, QMI, Petrolon and T-Plus.

The independent testing conducted on the lubrication qualities of the PTFE
based lubricants confirms and supports the original statement issued from
DuPont Chemical Corporation, inventor of PTFE and holder of the patents
and trademark for Teflon. 

In a statement issued about ten years ago, DuPont’s Fluoropolymers
Division Product Specialists, J.F. Imbalzano said “Teflon is not useful
as an ingredient in oil additives or oils used for internal combustion
DuPont even threatened legal action against anyone who used
the name “Teflon” on any product destined for use in an internal
combustion engine
and refused to sell its PTFE powders to any one
who intended to use them for such purposes.
After a flurry of lawsuits
from oil additive makers, claiming DuPont could not prove that PTFE
was harmful to engines, DuPont was forced to once again begin selling
their PTFE to the additive producers. 

The decision against DuPont involved what is called “restraint of trade”.
This means that you can’t refuse to sell a product to someone if they
plan to use it for a purpose other than what it was intended for. For legal
reasons, DuPont’s official position on the use of PTFE in engine oils
remains carefully aloof and noncommittal. DuPont states that though
they sell PTFE to oil additive producers, they have “no proof of the
validity of the oil additive makers’ claims”. They further state that they
have “no knowledge of any advantage gained through the use of PTFE
in engine oil.”

Note: To read the entire report on PTFE lubricants CLICK HERE    

What About Oil Additives Like Slick 50 or Prolong?

The infomercials you see would have you believe that by putting these
products in your engine it will become a "super engine" of sorts. Even
better than if it were running a synthetic oil. However, unfortunately for
consumers, their claims have no basis in reality.

In fact, here are a few links to releases from the Federal Trade
Commission with regard to the effectiveness of different oil additives. 
Each link opens in a new window. When finished reading each piece,
simply close the window to return to this tour.

Valvoline Engine Treatment
Slick 50 Engine Treatment
STP Engine Treatment
Dura Lube Super Engine Treatment
Dura Lube Advanced Engine Treatment
Motor Up Engine Treatment
Prolong Super Lubricants
zMax Auto Additives

In short, the FTC releases above indicate that all of these companies
have used deceptive advertising in order to mislead consumers into
believing that their products offer advanced engine protection and
performance over motor oil alone.

The truth is that not one of these companies has been able to offer
any test results which prove conclusively that any benefit is gained
from their products' use. 

Motor Silk™, on the other hand, has 2 decades of test results and
testimonials proving that their oils do exactly what the company
says they do. 

Motor Silk™ is 25 times slipperier than even the BEST synthetics.

Motor Silk™ protects your engine better than ANY additive or oil by
forming a near diamond-hard surface on ALL of your metal parts.

There isn't any PTFE or Teflon here but proven science from the
Department of Energy and Argonne national Research Laboratories

Motor Silk™ has Boron CLS Bond™. This Patented Technology is
available in Motor Silk™.

Motor Silk™ reduces friction by up to 80% and wear by up to 90%.

In fact, an extended warranty company that requires the use of Motor Silk™
says that their engine related claims have dropped by 80% !

Motor Silk™ is a patented product that outperforms ALL oils and additives,
giving you free horsepower.

Less Friction = More Power AND Better Gas Mileage. 


Motor Silk!™  with Boron CLS Bond

Boron CLS Bond™ is PROVEN to save protect your engine.

We have the indisputable evidence from AAA, a State Senator and PDM Research Center (and more)  that Motor Silk™ with Boron CLS Bond™ reduces engine wear!

Motor Silk™ reduces friction by 80% and engine wear by 90% in ALL internal combustion engines!


The Unique Molecular Structure of Boron CLS Bond is Unrivaled!

The benefits of CLS Bond® products have been documented in test after test. For example, engine friction is reduced by up to 80%, and engine wear by up to 90%.* And in private testing by industrial users, for both engine oils and industrial grease, the results have been even more impressive. Plus, boron is environmentally friendly in all forms. The bottom line is that lubricants with Boron CLS Bond® can be used anywhere there's a need for guaranteed performance.



How does the Boron CLS Bond in Motor Silk™ work?




PDM Research Center

Product Development and Manufacturing Center
Oakland University, MI

After an 8 month testing of MOTORSILK™ Oil Treatment the following benefits were realized by TRC:

1) Identified significant improvement in fuel economy (up to 21%)

2) Reduction in oil consumption through extending oil change intervals.

3) Reduction in wear metals in the engine oil which correlates to an improvement in reliability and reduction in maintenance costs.

4) Improvement in Emissions





The Motor Silk™ Family of Fine Products with Boron CLS Bond™




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